“9 HEARBIT” when heart and technology unite

In Stefano Tucci’s latest venture into the electronica realm, the versatile composer takes us on a journey through the diverse landscapes of breakbeat, trip hop, and techno. In this album, Tucci constructs a bitter-sweet symphony that channels the profound concept of yin and yang, where opposites coalesce, revealing chaos in tranquility and illumination in obscurity.

Drawing parallels with the atmospheric prowess of Massive Attack and the genre-bending versatility of The Chemical Brothers, Tucci seamlessly navigates the sonic spectrum, creating an album that transcends traditional electronica boundaries.

The instrumental tracks serve as the backbone of the album, showcasing Tucci’s knack for crafting intricate soundscapes that resonate with the complexities of life.

Vocal contributions from Emi Sei and Stanzie Enbah elevate the album’s thematic depth. “Unbreak Your Heart” channels the haunting elegance of FKA twigs, presenting a heartbreaking hymn that echoes the sentiments of a finished love. In “Another Day,” Stanzie Enbah’s vocals, weave a narrative exploring the lengths humanity goes for peace amidst a world inclined towards conflict. “Drago,” a personal tribute adds a layer of intimate storytelling to the album.

The album cover, akin to the thought-provoking visual aesthetics of Boards of Canada, encapsulates the “opposites” concept while delving into the growing societal fears surrounding transhumanism. It’s a visual statement that aligns with the artistic exploration of opposites shared by contemporaries in the electronica landscape.

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