“HERE, NOWHERE” The new album is out.

Stefano Tucci and Kristiana come together to deliver a captivating chill pop house album that gracefully shifts from pop to deep house. This collection of love songs explores the intricate emotions associated with love—betrayal, longing, friendship and self-love.

From the upbeat pop-infused tracks to the introspective deep house melodies, Tucci’s production expertise and Kristiana’s emotive vocals create a harmonious blend. The album features three instrumental interludes, where Tucci’s guitar takes center stage, adding an extra layer of intimacy to the sonic journey.

The thematic diversity, ranging from the pain of betrayal to the tender moments of expressing love, showcases the versatility of Kristiana’s vocals and Tucci’s musical arrangements. The polished production maintains a balance between infectious beats and emotional depth.

“Here, Nowhere” is a chill house story that beautifully captures the multifaceted nature of love. Tucci’s guitar interludes and Kristiana’s lyrical prowess make this album a delightful exploration of the various hues of the human heart within the chill house genre.

The title cames from the unexplained (scientifically) but powerful presence of love throughout our lives.

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