Check out the new singles from the LOFI project RAINBOW TAPES

Stefano Tucci, behind some soulful guitars, and jazz pianist Mariano Bellopede have teamed up to deliver a delightful LO-FI experience. Their collaborative effort effortlessly blends Tucci’s smooth guitar work with Bellopede’s intimate piano melodies, creating a mesmerizing collection of tracks.

From the opening notes of “Three colors,” the duo establishes a harmonious atmosphere that sets the tone for the entire album. Tracks like “Closer” and “Reflexes” showcase the perfect balance between Tucci’s intricate guitar melodies and Bellopede’s nuanced piano phrases.

Standout moments, such as “Overnight Travel,” highlight their ability to evoke emotions through their instruments. The production quality is noteworthy, allowing each element to shine without sacrificing the subtleties of their performances.

In “From my Window,” the artists experiment with ambient sounds, adding an extra layer to the traditional lofi palette. The album concludes with the enchanting “Blue Tracks,” leaving listeners in a state of peaceful contemplation.

In summary, Stefano Tucci and Mariano Bellopede’s collaborative effort results in a sublime lofi experience.

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