Stefano Tucci and Marco Vittoria, a dynamic duo whose collaboration was tragically cut short by Marco’s battle with cancer, have left behind a musical testament that transcends the boundaries of improvisation. “MAST”, a compilation born from hours of live improvisations and rehearsals, serves as a poignant reminder of the creative brilliance that emanated from this pair.

The recordings and remastering on this album showcase an intimate connection between guitarist Stefano Tucci and percussionist Marco Vittoria. Despite the challenges they faced, their synergy is palpable throughout the tracks, painting a vivid picture of two musicians attuned to each other’s nuances. The use of loop machines adds an extra layer of complexity, allowing the music to evolve organically, weaving through genres and moods with each loop.

The beauty of “MAST Looping Duo” lies in its raw nature. The album captures the essence of live improvisation, where each note and beat feels like a spontaneous creation. The recording quality, while not flawless, adds a sense of authenticity to the experience. The imperfections become part of the story, reflecting the unpredictable nature of life and the impermanence of artistic expression.

Stefano Tucci’s and Marco Vittoria’s work is both soulful and technically impressive. Their ability to traverse genres seamlessly, from jazzy improvisations to ambient textures, demonstrates a mastery of the instruments. Marco Vittoria’s percussion provides a rhythmic foundation that complements Tucci’s guitar explorations, creating a rich sonic tapestry.

The remastering of the recordings brings a clarity that allows the listener to appreciate the subtleties of each performance. The balance between the guitar and percussion is well-maintained, ensuring that neither element overshadows the other.

In conclusion, “MAST LIVE LOOPING DUO” is not just an album; it’s also tribute to the indomitable spirit of Marco Vittoria. Marco and Stefano’s dedication to the art of improvisation, even in the face of life’s harshest challenges make the album standing as a sonic evidence to the fleeting yet eternal nature of artistic expression.

Here the free to listen playlist of the album on YouTube. (Is also available on all streaming platforms)

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