Stefano Tucci takes listeners on a genre-hopping ride in his latest pop album, seamlessly transitioning from infectious pop rock to synth-infused explorations and R&B-inflected grooves. As the sole architect of both music and lyrics, Tucci’s sonic versatility shines through, crafting a dynamic listening experience that evolves with each track.

The album opens with the anthemic energy of pop rock : No one but me.
Tucci’s adept guitar work sets an engaging tone. The sonic narrative then shifts into synth rock territory, channeling contemporary acts like CHVRCHES and The 1975, blending nostalgia with modernity.
Venturing further, Tucci explores R&B pop, infusing tracks with soulful melodies and infectious beats. A unique touch is the use of non-professional singers, Tucci’s friends, adding an authentic and relatable quality to the performances.
In this pop odyssey, Stefano Tucci breaks genre barriers with finesse, celebrating sonic diversity and showcasing his prowess as a songwriter and producer. The album’s dynamic range and inclusion of non-professional voices make it a standout in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary pop music.

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