Check out the new EP from MALE.

MALE latest EP is a concise exploration of electro-pop, skillfully arranged to tell the poignant story of a woman navigating life’s challenges. With five songs and accompanying spoken interludes, MALE weaves a captivating narrative that unfolds seamlessly through a dark and moody sonic landscape.

The EP’s electronic beats and haunting synths set a mysterious tone, complementing the overarching theme of struggle and growth. Stefano Tucci’s arrangement prowess shines through, with each track serving as a chapter in the protagonist’s journey.

The spoken interludes provide intimate glimpses into the character’s experiences, enhancing the connection between the listener and the unfolding story. Tucci’s ability to merge the electronic elements with emotive melodies is showcased, creating a cohesive and engaging narrative arc.

In a brief yet impactful collection, MALE and Stefano Tucci deliver an electro-pop narrative that captures the essence of personal growth and triumph over adversity.

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