Stefano Tucci is composing since 2010, and he’s mixing up the styles he loves: chill out, deep house, rock, synth pop. And melodies are always the center of his songs.

The music is a way to travel, being at home or in your car. Every song is a journey and he’s composing as he’s writing the soundtrack of everyone’s life.

Raised in Naples, Italy now living in Paris, France, playing in a metal band at school for years, then playing bossa nova songs in the last years, he’s a music lover, always searching for beautiful sounds, from different cultures. 

If you like chill, if you like guitar solos, if you like beautiful voices, his music can carry you around and make you feel at home.
He’s playing all instruments, except vocals. Collaborations are something that enlightens music and human relationships.

His last work is 9 HEARTBIT, where is clear the will to make people understand how much technology is taking over our feelings. 

These are 2 songs from the new album: 9 Heartbit
Chou – Download it here
Unbreak your Heart – Download it here