Covid Times are difficult for everyone. This project started before the crisis and finally ended just in the middle.

The mood is mostly techno, electronic instruments take all over the place always keeping some melodic parts, a trademark from Stefano Tucci.

The collaboration with Stefano Arrigoni, producer from Milan, brought an ambient-industrial sound. The mental journey is assured.

The whole album came from a mixed feeling between hope and deception, looking at new strange world.

Here, Nowhere.

The new album

A new adventure for Stefano Tucci. This time you will travel in a smoother world, more chilling and sweet of the last one, but still melodic and harmonically rich as usual.

Kristiana is warming most of the songs with her beautiful voice, making the chilly songs mix to life aspects very clear and present.

Love, self-love, dreams and deceptions are the lead subjects that will drive you from the beginning to the end, letting you enjoy lyrics if you want to concentrate and music if you just want to chill out.

Some instrumental are made to dance as ‘Deep Sandy Ibiza’, other are to deeply relax ‘Evening Star’.

Zoeii sings in the ‘Love Kingdom’ track, an hymn to never-ending loves.

Take a listen on Spotify or on the other platforms:

9heart-bit Stefano Tucci

New album is out!

Future Electronica… electro-pop-break… i don’t know where to put in the labels world.
But on youtube is now available CHOU, the first single of my new album.

What we can hear this time, is a more electronic, fragmented song.
Always looking at melodies, my “trademark”

The whole album it will be a mix between electronic and love song. Future electronica, deep house, chill house, trip hop.

Listen here!

Playing Loops with MAST LIVE LOOPING

A new project, based in Paris, has been created to play and express all the creativity we have inside.
Togheter with the drummer and percussionist Marco Vittoria, i’m touring in Paris with a duo live set.
Guitar/synth and electronic percussions.

We loop everything we play with OCTAPAD and a pedalboard BOSS RC-50 and then we filter it all up with a

The results are amazing. With Line 6 POD HD500 guitar becomes everything i want, so we switch atmospheres, traveling between chill out, lounge, deep house, minimal house, and all kind of music we wish to play.


How to add a song to a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify

Spotify collaborative playlists

As you may know, Spotify is one of the greatest streaming platform, where millions of songs
are stored and ready to listen.
Songs of the most important song and of independent artists.

Spotify Collaborative Playlists allow you to create a playlist and open it up to other people, to create a big, international playlist that can be listened and can make your music discovered.

If you are searching for some Collaborative Spotify Playlist, i post here a couple of them.

To add your song, click on it, FOLLOW the playlist and you will see it appear on the left side of your spotify windows. Then go on one your song and with right click you can add it to the several playlists you got.

Let’s share our music!





Single BYE on electro music channel URBAN MUSIC BANK


The great Youtube Channel, Urban Music Bank, where the best electro songs are weekly posted, choose BYE, from the album ‘A Fine Day to be Born‘.

Bye is an 90’ style electronic song, vocals by the italian singer Francesca Colapietro.
On the Urban Music Bank channel there are tons of great electro tunes! Chill out, electro pop, lounge, EDM, Deep House.
Thanks to all the channel’s team!


Electro pop album


Finally out the new electro pop album!

A fine day to be born  is the third studio album by the many-sided artist Stefano Tucci. The album is finally released on the onlines stores on September 21, 2014

Stefano begun composing new songs in 2012, and had the album’s first recording sessions in early 2013. As all the singers got into side projects afterwards, work on ‘A fine day to be born’ only resumed in March 2014. The music for ‘A fine day to be born’ is full of différents voices and shorter songs to contrast predecessors Flows and Collateral Thinking. The lyrics convey Stefano’s feelings on spirituality and love. The way towards the electro pop is just one of the side of Stefano’s discography, more projets are to come.

Listen it on Youtube

On Spotify

On Deezer